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Allergys (multiple)





Bad language

Bad marriage

Back pain

Bible not making sense


Brain damage

Brain cancer

Broken back

Broken bones

Car accident injuries

Cerebral Palsy

Child protection







Dog bite



Emotional instability


Fear of death

Fear of heights

Fear of flying

Febrile Convulsions


Gluten intolerance


Hearing loss

Heart Problems

Heat exhaustion

HELLP Syndrome

Inabilty to have children




Liver Cirrhosis



Multiple  Sclerosis


Ovarian tumours

Oxygen levels (very low)



Pre- eclampsia

Religious confusion





Something missing


Troubled mind

Twisted spine


Varicose Ulcers


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Marianne                            Melbourne, Australia

            I received the Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of speaking in tongues when I was 15. I started fellowshipping with the Revival Centres International when I was 18 and was baptised by full immersion. Since then, my life has been blessed by the Lord in so many ways.

                      3 Ovarian tumours completely healed

There have been many times I have had to call upon the name of the Lord for a healing. I have had three ovarian tumours, all the size of a large grapefruit. Two of them where cancerous, and I was told that chemotherapy and radiotherapy where necessary. I was completely healed and to the Doctors surprise did not require any further treatment.

I got sick in 2006 with the flu and woke up one evening having hallucinations. An ambulance was called and when they arrived they checked my oxygen saturation levels and thought the machine they were using was broken as it only read 27%. They checked it on themselves and it read 100% and then on me again and it read 27% again. It was at that level for over an hour.

                                     My doctor said it was a miracle I survived

After spending a few days in hospital I went to my own doctor and he told me how serious it had been. Apparently, when your oxygen saturation reaches 60% all your organs shut down, and and you are either permanently brain damaged or dead. Within one week of this incidence, I was 100% recovered with no signs of any permanent damage. I can only put this down to the Lord looking after me. My doctor says it was a miracle I survived.

                            In 2003 I ended up in a wheelchair

When I was 15 I also fell over and snapped off my tailbone and broke another vertebrae a third of the way up my back (T12). At the time I could still walk, but in 2003, it had deteriorated to the point that I required a lower spinal fusion and ended up in a wheelchair not being able to stand for more than a few minutes and being on very powerful pain medication such as methodone and Epilim for major nerve damage. I was told it would just continue to get worse until I would be in the wheelchair permanently. Cold weather caused the pain to be much more intense. I had been praying for a healing for some time and in October 2007, I came to Dunedin for a holiday and one evening it was minus 2 and I had no pain and then I realised I also hadn’t had any pain medication for 2 days. I stopped taking the medications immediately and stopped using the wheelchair and have been walking ever since with no pain.

                             Again my doctor was surprised ...

Again my doctor was surprised as I had been on these medications for some time and he was sure I would have had withdrawals from ceasing them like that, but I had nothing as the Lord completely delivered me. I have now lived in Dunedin for two and a half years and the cold weather does not cause any pain at all.

This is just a few of the many healings the Lord has done for me in the past 21 years. I am truly thankful

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