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Ian   Bendigo, Australia

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In 1963 when I was 15, my parents died.  My brother and I slept under bridges and lived on the streets.  At 18, I was already drinking at 7am, often instead of food.  I just couldn’t go without a drink. I would frequently drink all night and go to work in the morning drunk.

I just couldn’t go without a drink

After I was married, my wife left me three times because of my aggression while drinking. I promised I would stop drinking if she came home. I tried but I couldn’t stop.  I drank even more heavily.  I would rather have a drink than anything else in the world.  Nothing mattered but another drink.  After my wife left me for the third time, I realized that the problem was me.

I used to pray “Lord, send someone who can show me what to do”


 I used to pray “Lord, send me someone who can show me what I had to do to be right with God and to give away alcohol.”  I hated myself for what I had become.  Our house had been repossessed.  I couldn’t hold down a job.  We were evicted for not paying rent and we had cars repossessed.

In an instant I knew that I would never drink again


A friend got me a job where a workmate told me that God was my only answer.  He

prayed with me and I received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.  In that instant I knew that I would never drink again.  That was in 1980.  Both my wife and I were baptised as a result of this – our marriage was miraculously restored.  Our life of misery and hopelessness was turned around by God who answers prayer.

Our life of misery was turned around by God