Accidental poisoning


Allergys (multiple)





Bad language

Bad marriage

Back pain

Bible not making sense


Brain damage

Brain cancer

Broken back

Broken bones

Car accident injuries

Cerebral Palsy

Child protection







Dog bite



Emotional instability


Fear of death

Fear of heights

Fear of flying

Febrile Convulsions


Gluten intolerance


Hearing loss

Heart Problems

Heat exhaustion

HELLP Syndrome

Inabilty to have children




Liver Cirrhosis



Multiple  Sclerosis


Ovarian tumours

Oxygen levels (very low)



Pre- eclampsia

Religious confusion





Something missing


Troubled mind

Twisted spine


Varicose Ulcers


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Our God answers us. . .

He can answer you too!



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Aru                                         Wellington, New Zealand

God can answer for Himself, and we can prove it!

When I was 21 my best mate Pete and I were stoned sitting at the back of his house. I decided to put God to the test and challenged Him to shake the big old tree out the back. 
As expected, nothing happened. Nevertheless, I still believed God was real. I just hadn't seen any evidence that He existed and cared about us. 

I was the lead guitarist in a Metal band called "Sonarek" (pronounced son-aar-rik). I wanted to write a hard-core death metal song so started reading 'Revelations' in the bible because I knew it talked about the big bad devil!!!!!! Nasty! Anyway, as I started reading Revelations it suddenly became really clear that God had an actual plan for mankind which was being fulfilled now. The disheartening thing is that I knew I wasn't right with Him. 

it suddenly became really clear that God had an actual plan”

A lot of things happened in the few days that followed which resulted in me wanting to fast for as long as it would take for God to prove Himself to me. I WANTED EVIDENCE and not just fancy convincing words from churchy people!!!! It took a simple message by a member of the Revival Centres International who expounded unto me the graphic details of the Lord Jesus' sacrifice and suffering He endured. It was a far cry from the pictures we see in paintings today. It was indescribably horrific. But the pricking of my heart / conscience was that He did it for me. I owed Him the decency of checking out if He was real or not. 

I WANTED EVIDENCE and not just fancy

convincing words from churchy people!!!!

I went to the Revival Centre church meeting the following Sunday with the intention that I would never go to church again if God failed to prove Himself to me that day. I can't remember a thing about what the pastor talked about. In fact, I was more interested in the Ovation guitar a guy was playing in the band. The one thing that did get my attention was when the pastor asked if anyone wanted to get baptised and be married to God. I put my hand up and went to the baptism room. As I waited in the changing room by myself, I prayed to God and openly reminded Him that I would never go to a church again if He didn't prove Himself to me that day. The pastor guided me under the water to be baptised (by full immersion i.e. right under the water). He then tried to lift me up out of the water but I resisted and purposed to stay under the water and make sure God knew I was dead serious about wanting EVIDENCE that He existed and that He worked with mankind now. 

I purposed to stay under the water

and make sure God knew I was dead serious

As sure as Moses parting the Red Sea or Daniel being saved from the Lions in the Lion's Den, God proved Himself to me unequivocally. I instantly began speaking in a totally new language. A language that I had never learnt. I instantly lost the desire for cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana (of which I had been doing for at least 5 years). I noticed that "swearing" became like a kick in the guts of which I stopped swearing within the week.

God proved Himself to me unequivocally

I was unsure what had happened but knew that something AMAZING and SUPERNATURAL had taken place. It wasn't until after the meeting that church members began to congratulate me for receiving. RECEIVING WHAT??? I had no idea of what I had received. When I asked what it was that I had actually received....they said "The Holy Spirit". They then backed up that comment by showing me the 3 accounts in the book of ACTS where that same experience was had by Jesus' disciples and thousands of others around that time. 

I instantly lost the desire for cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana

I am now 38 and the same God that proved Himself to me when I was 21 has continued to bless abundantly. I have the same problems and day-to-day issues that everyone else has, but one thing I can testify to is that over the last 17 years of being spirit-filled; God has made every single issue a blessing when I have trusted in Him. 

God can prove Himself to you unequivocally

I now put you to the challenge of having God prove Himself to you unequivocally. You too can have personal evidence that God is true. You won't and don't need any fancy schmancy spiritual oversight to convince you that God is real. He will do it Himself. He says our part of the deal is to "Repent" (put your thinking to the side for a minute), and "be baptised" (by full immersion under water). His part of the deal is to fill you with His Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of "speaking in tongues" (a prayer language you will never have spoken before). 


He has a plan! He will return! He is offering us salvation now in order to be transformed from mortality to immortality at His coming. DON'T MISS OUT!

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